About Us

About Us

Welcome to our home

We are Alena and Paolo, a couple with a mix of Belarussian-Italian pragmatism and  creativity.

We have started our business in April 2020, right in the middle of the COVID-19 emergency, when the lock-down was made us thinking about a home-delivery solution for our products.  

Our ambition is to make traditional food from Eastern Europe, focusing on the authentic taste, the one that you can find only when travelling in                  Eastern Europe.
And yes, we aim to become a point of reference for the Eastern European community and food lovers.   

Our homemade production is based on few but very important criteria:
           – Quality and freshness of the ingredients we use:
                               > we use, as much as possible, only Swiss products
                               > we prefer local farmers and suppliers to limit the impact on the climate and to support local business
           – We make our production freshmade
                              > we produce weekly and only based on the orders received. This allow us to always have freshmade products and to limit the foodwaste. Therefore, is very important for us to collect the orders at least 72 hours prior the delivery date
           – We don’t use any food preservatives or any chemical add-on
           – We use a secret ingredient in each product: our Passion

Yes, Passion is what we believe is the added value in our products.
We are not a big “industrial maker” and our family eat the same products we make. That’s why for us it’s im portant to mantain a high level of quality and taste.

Our customer service is easy. We love to be in touch with our customers and with people who want to know more about us.
Using different technology as Email, Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram, it’s very easy to reach us.

Last but not least, Social Media are very relevant for our online business. Follow our Facebook page and our Instagram account where we have a constant daily presence to promote Eastern European culture and products.

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