Cooling Box Service

Fron now on, you can benefit from our Cooling Box Delivery Service.

What is this?
As indicated in our Delivery terms, we cannot agree on specific delivery time.
So, if you are not at home, we can deliver this to your relatives, friends or neighbours. Or, if you prefer, we can deliver your order in a Cooling Box with ice.

How it Works?
In simple words, we will deliver all your products in a styrofoam box with ice so that also your frozen products can stay up to 6 hours without any problem.
We will leave the box next to your mailbox and you can pick it up at your best convenience.
Box size varies depending on the order.

How much it cost?
There’s a deposit fee of 20 CHF.
The fee is returned as soon as we collect back the Cooling Box with your next order.

How  can I order it?
You can add this directly in your order and it will be calculated in your order a mount.
If you want to add this service later, you can send us an email or a whatsapp message. In this case, payment can be done only via TWINT.

In case of question please, do not hesitate to contact us.