We make our products fresh and homemade every week, based on the orders received.
This allow us to always have ONLY fresh products and avoid any food waste.

We produce everything handmade, without the support of any industrial machine.

We select only Swiss quality ingridients for our products and we don’t use any preservatives or chemical additives
What we sell is also what we eat with our family.

Pelmeni and Vareniki with Potatoes are fresh made and immediately frozen after production for better conservation and delivered frozen.
Tvorog, Kefir, Russian Salad and Dressed Herring are made fresh and delivered fresh (not frozen).

For the full list of products, please refer to this LINK

Yes, we require a minimum order amount of 30 CHF + 7 CHF delivery fee.
You can mix Pelmeni, Vareniki with Tvorog, Vareniki with Potatoes and Tvorog as you want to reach this amount.
Other products (Olivier Salad and  Selyodka Pod Shuboy) have a specific minimum order quantity.

We are a small family business and we make our products “on demand”, based on the orders received.
This means we need to have a minimum order to make our production and to make our business to be sustainable.

We are a small family business and we make our products “on demand”, based on the orders received.
But this also means that to ensure a proper quality, we have a limited production.
In some cases, our products can belimited in quantity and when ordered by other customers, the availability will be reduced.


Payment is always to be done upfront.
When payment is received, we confirm the order.

We accepot Bank Transfer and TWINT.
When paying using a Bank Transfer, please, include the order number, your name and address in the Transfer comments.

We will oon start accepting also credit cards (VISA and Mastercard).
In this case, payment fees related to the card payment will be charged to the customer’s order. 

We are a small family business and we make our products “on demand”, based on the orders received.
This means we need to have a minimum order to make our production.
Also, we need to be absolutely sure that what we produce is sold as we want to avoid any food waste.

Yes, we have a delivery fee of 7 CHF
Anyway, when you order products for a minimum of 50 CHF, the delivery fee is waived

Unfortunately not. 
As we make our products fresh every week, we organise our delivery also weekly.
We delivery exclusively on Wednesday and Saturday, during morning time.
You will be able to select one of these days based on calendar availability visible in the check-out.
The indicative time slot will be provided few days before the selected delivery date.

We deliver in Zurich City and surroundigs area.
In particular, we deliver in the following ZIP codes:

From 8000 to 8099
From 8100 to 8199
From 8302 to 8310
5300, 5400, 5404, 5405, 5406, 5408, 5430, 5432, 5621, 8315, 8317, 8320, 8330, 8344, 8600, 8603, 8604, 8605, 8606, 8610, 8616, 8617, 8618, 8625, 8627, 8700, 8702, 8703, 8704, 8706, 8707, 8708, 8712, 8800, 8802, 8803, 8804, 8805, 8810, 8816, 8820, 8825, 8832, 8902, 8903,
8904, 8906, 8907, 8908, 8910, 8912, 8913, 8933, 8942, 8952, 8953, 8954, 8956, 8957

If youy ZIP code is not listed here, please contact us to check

From 2nd November 2020 it’s possible to PickUp your order at our production location.

For more information, check this page PickUp


Cooking Pelmeni and Vareniki is very easy and require very little time.
Here is how:
– take a medium/large pot and fill it with water for 2/3 of its size
– put some salt* in it (better if you have marine rock salt)
– put the pot on stoves and have the water boiling
– when boiling, take the frozen Pelmeni or Vareniki and put them in the water.  Mix it every once in a while to avoid the stick at the bottom of the pot
– in the meantime take a bowl and put in same butter*
– when Pelmeni or Vareniki will come up to water surface, wait for 4 or 5 minutes and then, with the help of a skimmer, move thme from the pot to the bowl
– mix this well until the butter is melted
– the typical way to serve this is by adding smetana**

*quantities of salt and butter may vary as they depend on personal taste
**smetana is a typical Eastern European sour cream. It is hard to find it the exact same product in Switzerland but in your local shop you can find something very similar. In German it’s called halbrahm.

Preparing Chebureki do not require professional cooking skills ….. just some attention.
Here is how:
– take a medium/large pan and put oil in it. We suggest sunflower oil. Fill the pan for 1/2 of its heigth.
– wait for the oli to become hot and then deep the frozen Chebureki in.
– fry the Chebureki 4 to 5 minutes per each side.
– when each side is getting “bronzed”, Chebureki is ready.
– take the Chebureki into a dish and drain the oil with absorbent paper.

Please, be careful when dipping the frozen Chebureki in the hot oil as it might splash.

Please, when frying Chebureki best would be not having children around as the oil might splash.