How do you make your products?

We make our products fresh every week, based on the orders received.
This allow us to always have ONLY fresh products and to avoid any food waste.

We produce everything handmade with a special focus on quality of ingredients and taste.
We select only Swiss prime quality ingredients for our products and we don’t use any preservatives or chemical additives
What we sell is also what we eat in our family.

Pelmeni, Vareniki with Potatoes, Vareniki with Tvorog and Chebureki are fresh made and immediately frozen after production for better conservation, and delivered frozen.
TvorogKefirRussian Salad, Dressed Herring, Golubtsi and all our Cakes are made fresh and delivered fresh (not frozen).

Which ingredients do you use for your products?

For the full list of products, please refer to this LINK

Is there a minimum order quantity/amount?

No, we don’t require any minimum order amount.

There are Delivery Fees that can be charged based on the order amount or distance.

For more details, you can check HERE


How can I pay my order?

Payment is always to be done upfront.
When payment is received, we confirm the order.

We accept Bank Transfer, TWINT and Credit Cards.
When paying using a Bank Transfer, please, include the order number, your name and address in the Transfer comments.

Why do I need to pay my order upfront?

We are a small family business and we make our products “on demand”, based on the orders received.
This means we need to have a minimum order to make our production.
Also, we need to be absolutely sure that what we produce is sold as we want to avoid any food waste.

Is there a delivery fee?

Delivery fees vary from ZERO to 15 CHF, depending on order amount and distance.

For more details, click HERE

Can I indicate a specific delivery day/time?

Unfortunately not.
As we make our products fresh every week, we organise our delivery also weekly.
We delivery on Saturday, during morning time.

The indicative time slot will be provided to you via email few days before the selected delivery date.

Where do you deliver?

For more information about our delivery zones and fees, please check the following PAGE

Once a month we deliver to Olter, Reiden, Rothrist, Bern, Fribourg and Lausanne.

If your ZIP code is not listed here, please contact us to check delivery options.

What happens when I'm not at home when you deliver?

We always send an email few days prior the delivery to confirm and inform you about the time frame when we will be at your address.

If you cannot pick up the order, you must inform us as soon as possible.

If we reach your place and you are not at home, we shall charge in any case the delivery fee (10 CHF) and all perishable products*

Please, carefully read our Terms and Conditions for Missed Deliveries

*Perishable products are: Tvorog, Kefir, Smetana, Golubtsi, Russian Salad, Dressed Herrings and all Cakes

Can I PickUp my order?

Yes, you can.
Select the PickUp location, the date and the time slot in the Check Out.
Our PickUp is in Pumpwerkstrasse 23, 8105 Regensdorf.

We only  accept pickup for orders booked online. We cannot provide any “on the spot” pick up.


How to cook and prepare Pelmeni and Vareniki?

Cooking Pelmeni and Vareniki is very easy and require very little time.
Here is how:
– take a medium/large pot and fill it with water for 2/3 of its size
– put some salt* in it (better if you have marine rock salt)
– put the pot on stoves and have the water boiling
– when boiling, take the frozen Pelmeni or Vareniki and put them in the water. Mix it every once in a while, to avoid the stick at the bottom of the pot
– in the meantime, take a bowl and put in same butter*
– when Pelmeni or Vareniki will come up to water surface, wait for 4 or 5 minutes and then, with the help of a skimmer, move it from the pot to the bowl
– mix this well until the butter is melted
– the typical way to serve this is by adding smetana**

*quantities of salt and butter may vary as they depend on personal taste
**smetana is a typical Eastern European sour cream. It is hard to find it the exact same product in Switzerland but in your local shop you can find something very similar. In German it’s called “halbrahm”.

How to cook and prepare Chebureki?

Preparing Chebureki do not require professional cooking skills ….. just some attention.
Here is how:
– take a medium/large pan and put oil in it. We suggest sunflower oil. Fill the pan for 1/2 of its height.
– wait for the oli to become hot and then deep the frozen Chebureki in.
– fry the Chebureki 4 to 5 minutes per each side.
– when each side is getting “bronzed”, Chebureki is ready.
– take the Chebureki into a dish and drain the oil with absorbent paper.

Please, be careful when dipping the frozen Chebureki in the hot oil as it might splash.

Please, when frying Chebureki best would be not having children around as the oil might splash.

How to cook and prepare Golubtsi?

Golubtsi do not require any cooking as they are a “ready made dish”.
You just need to warm them up.

Take a pan and place the Golubtsi in.
Add some oil and heat at your preferred temperature.

In case of leftover, you can put the Golubtsi in the freezer as they will last for 2 months.

Can I deep-freeze the cakes?

Maybe you were not able to finish our tasty cakes after 3 days and you are afraid they will be wasted?
Well, some of the cakes can be frozen.
In particular Kievsky, Medovik, Napoleon and Bird’s Milk can stay in the freezer for up to 1 months.

Unfortunately, it would not be possible to do the same with Pavlova, Mini Pavlova, Zefir and Makowiec.