List of ingredients

Following is the list of ingedients used in our products.
Please, check this list in case you have any allergy.

Meat (for Pelmeni/Cheburieki): mixed minced meat (50% pork, 50% beef). Origin: Switzerland.
Meat (for Russian Salad): pork meat. Origin: Switzerland.
Flour: White, type 00. Origin: Switzerland.
Potatoes: type “Backed Potatoes”, fresh. Origin: Switzerland.
Onions: white type, fresh. Origin: Switzerland.
Milk: type raw, fat between 3% and 5%. Origin: Switzerland.
Oil: sunflower oil. Origin: Switzerland.
Eggs: from outdoor farming. Origin: Switzerland.
Carrots: fresh. Origin: Switzerland.
Green peas: fresh. Origin: Switzerland.
Red Turnip: fresh. Origin: Switzerland.
Pickled Gherkins: fresh. Origin: Switzerland
Mayonnaise: Industrial (water, sunflower oil, vinegar, egg yolk, cornstarch, salt, mustard, lemon juice, thickenin agent). Origin: Switzerland.
Cherries: Origin: Switzerland.
Raisins (for Vareniki/Zapekanka): type dried. Origin: Imported (Italy/Spai/Turkey).
Erythrol: natural sweetner. Origin: Imported (Germany/Poland).
Brown Sugar: Origin: Imported (Germany/Poland).
White Sugar. Origin: Switzerland.
Herrings. Origin:
 Imported (Made in Poland with herrings from the Northeast Atlantic (wild caught)
Poppy Seeds. Origin: Imported from Czech Republic
Powder Sugar. Origin: Switzerland
Butter. Origin: Switzerland
Honey. Origin: Imported from EU Countries
Yeast. Origin: Germany
Heavy Cream. Origin: Switzerland
Salt: Sea salt from Mediterranean. Origin: Imported from EU Countries