Welcome to our home.
Our address is Pumpwerkstrasse 23 – 8105 Regensdorf

From November 2020, it’s possible to arrange the pickup of your order directly here


           HOW IT WORKS?

           During the order process, in the CART page, you will have the option to select the SHIPPING method in the drop-down menu.
           Select the PICKUP option for your order.
           In the calendar, you will see the available dates for your PickUp.
           Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, we will reserve 10 slots for the pickup.

           The order shall be confirmed* at least 72 hours before the selected PickUp date.
            Payment shall be done via TWINT or Bank Transfer as we cannot accept Cash payments.
            We will send you an email to confirm the pickup.
            Minimum order amount is 30 CHF

          *Order is confirmed as soon as the payment is received.
           Using TWINT as your payment method, the confirmation is immediate.
           Using Bank Transfer as your payment method, the confirmation will depend on the transaction date.