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Makowiec is one of the most popular Eastern European desserts.
It’s a strudel-like, yeast poppy seed roll and it’s a Polish origins desserts where it is enjoyed year-round and traditionally eaten at Christmas and Easter time.

It takes different names depending on the country: Kashubian (makówc), Hungarian (mákos bejgli), Slovak (makovník), Czech (makový závin), Austrian (mohnkuchen or mohnstriezel), Ukrainian (z makom пирiг з маком or makivnyk маківник), Belarrusian (makavy rulet макавы рулет), Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian (Štrudla sa makom), Slovenian (makova potica), Romanian (cozonac cu mac or cozonac cu nucă), Lithuanian (aguonų vyniotinis), Latvian (magonmaizite), Russian (rulet s makom рулет с маком), Danish (wienerbrød, or Vienna bread), and Yiddish (mohn roll).

Makowiec is freshly made and can be kept up to ten days at room temperature

Price: 40 CHF
Portion is 880 gr. circa

Ingredients: poppy seeds, flour, white sugar, powder sugar, eggs, butter, honey, yeast, milk, heavy cream, salt and water
Allergens: honey, eggs, milk products, grains, gluten, yeast, nuts. May contain traces of: nuts, sesame, soy
May contain traces of all kind of nuts, wheat, gluten, sesame, soy, peanuts, coconut

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