Medovik Cake

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This is one of the most popular Eastern European cakes.
It was created in the 19th century in the Russian Empire by a young chef who sought to impress Empress Elizabeth Alexeievna, wife of Alexander I.
Empress Elizabeth couldn’t stand honey, and any dish made with it drove her mad. One day, however, a young new confectioner in the Imperial kitchen didn’t know the Empress’ dislike, and he baked a new cake with honey and thick sour cream.
Surprisingly, and unaware of the honey content, Empress Elizabeth immediately fell in love with it.

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Cake’s weight: 1 Kg.
Price: 60 CHF

Ingredients: wheat flour, white sugar, vanilla, butter, honey, salt, eggs, cream cheese, whipped cream, sour cream
Allergens: honey, eggs, milk products, grain, gluten
May contain traces of: all types of nuts, peanuts, sesame, soya, chocolate
Storage: in the fridge, temperature +2+4 for 48 Hours. In the freezer, temperature -20 for 1 month.

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Weight and Customization

600 gr. (4-6 portions) – WITH Customization, 600 gr. (4-6 portions) – NO Customization, 1200 gr. (8-10 portions) – NO Customization, 1200 gr. (8-10 portions) – WITH Customization

23 reviews for Medovik Cake

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super delicious cake. Highly recommend!

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  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Taysty cake itself,but I think medovik has a unique flavour and taste stamp, which for me was lacking of those.

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  3. Laurence L. (verified owner)

    Excellent flavors, light and fluffy but on the sweet side.

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  4. Tania V. (verified owner)

    My favorite! Such a subtle balance of honey, sweetness and flavor!

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  5. Mila P. (verified owner)

    Very soft cake with a wonderful taste of honey! Never disappoints!

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  6. Tania V. (verified owner)

    Always a winner, the whole family loves its delicate taste

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  7. Iryna Makarenka (verified owner)


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  8. Daria G. (verified owner)

    Great taste and fantastic personalisation, we loved it 🙂

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  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The best cake in the world, the whole family is addicted 🙂

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  10. Marina (verified owner)

    Очень вкусный домашний медовик! Обязательно куплю еще!

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  11. Tatiana F. (verified owner)

    We ordered it several times – it’s absolutely delicious!

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  12. Mila (verified owner)

    Много раз уже заказывали этот торт – всегда очень вкусно!

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  13. Marina (verified owner)

    Very tasty!

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  14. Stephanie A. (verified owner)

    We chose to have several Medovik cakes for our wedding and everyone loved them. Everyone said how light, fluffy and creamy and beautiful they were!
    The many layers aren’t very common in Switzerland so if you would like to impress a crowd with a special cake, look no further!

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  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  16. Anonymous (verified owner)

    super! always a favorite! my guest loved it!

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  17. Alisa Schlosser (verified owner)

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  18. Iryna (verified owner)

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  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

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  20. Helena V. (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. And consistently so. The best Medovik I’ve ever had.

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  21. Elena W. (verified owner)

    Alena has the most delicious food in Switzerland – high quality, fresh and cooked with love, just like by my mum. Her dumplings are the only ones my children eat. My personal choice is the golubtzy (stuffed cabbage rolls) and the sochniki (sweets with cottage cheese). And her medovik (honey cake) is simply eaten in five minutes. Always accurate and thoughtful delivery. Our best recommendations!

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  22. Marina K. (verified owner)

    I ordered two cakes for the birthday party of my son and I wasn’t disappointed. The cakes were delicious and got consumed very fast:) Also the delivery service was perfect and on time!

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    • admin (store manager)

      Hello Marina.
      Thanks so much for this feedback.
      We are very happy you liked the cakes.

  23. Lilia Cojocaru (verified owner)

    it was really tasty! Thank you for your service. We liked this time very much.

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