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Flaky, crumbly and creamy all at once. This is the Napoleon Cake. And now is also available in slices.

Each pack contains 2 slices of our superb Napoleon Cake.
In this way, you don’t have to take the full cake and you can also add other slices of available cakes (Medovik and Bird’s Milk).

Price for 2 Slices: 22,50 CHF
The price indicated it is NOT per Kg. but represents the total price for 2 Slices. Each slice weight is circa 150gr.

Ingredients: flour, salt, butter, white vinegrad, vodka, eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla, whipped cream, heavy cream
Allergens: honey, eggs, milk products, grain, gluten
May contain traces of: nuts, sesame, soy
Storage: in the fridge, temperature +2+4 for 48 Hours. In the freezer, temperature -20 for 1 month.

All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary
Weight might differ ± 5%


The minimum order value is 30 CHF plus a delivery fee of 7 CHF.
With an order of 50 CHF or more, the delivery fee is waived.

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