Napoleon Cake

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Flaky, crumbly and creamy all at once. Despite its widespread popularity, we know very little about this cake and the origins of the name.
Some indications connets it to the city of Napoli back in the early 1400. Other information are heading towards France in 1600. Or more “recent” approach link it to Russia in the early 19th century and the celebrations after the victory against the French army of Napoléon Bonaparte in 1812.
Today the debate is still open. But in reality this amazing multi-layer cake has survided to several chef’s experiments trying to change the shape and the filling by remaining always the same.

Price start as low as 65 CHF

Ingredients: flour, salt, butter, white vinegrad, vodka, eggs, sugar, milk, vanilla, whipped cream, heavy cream
Allergens: honey, eggs, milk products, grain, gluten
May contain traces of: nuts, sesame, soy
Storage: in the fridge, temperature +2+4 for 48 Hours. In the freezer, temperature -20 for 1 month.

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